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10 May 2009

When i believe . .

i really, really, really dont know what i want to do.
i felt like faucet.
yes, a big float came to me. but i wont tell it. it make me ashamed.

ok ??

and now guys, its time to school exam. but i really havent intention to study. if in final exam i do honest, but for this, im not promise.
hehehehe . .

tell me how to study seriously !!
because i cant. yah, its not totaly my fault, its the subject fault.
why the subject isnt interest??

maybe im not fair.
but in this world what is fair??
only subject which i like, i will learn seriously
but if the subject which i hate, only hearing its just name, I have wanted puking.

and now, can be told i do the exam WITHOUTH STUDY !!
claps ur hand !!

and if i get 8 in each every subject,
. . it can be miracle, when u believe . .
. . who know what miracle u can achive . .
. . when u believe somehow u will . .
. . u will when u believe . .

(mariah carey-when u believe)


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