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30 September 2009

These are what i've been hating and something i've loved about . .

September 30, 2009 0 Comments
Oke guys. Im sure that u all must be know bout pimples, dont u?

Yep! Every teenager included me hate it. Offcourse.

Those pimples really killin me. Ok, my skin arent as sencitive as u may think actually. But if i get my PMS though it not every month, my skins getting full of something like tiny mount or somewhat like this. Very tiny. But my hands couldnt stopping to scratch it.

Yah u know what happen next lah. Its pretty dejecting. Those heckin black spots or pimples spread arround my face. Bzzt . . I hate it so bad ! !

The second symptoms of PMS are moody and peevish.

Well, they r not as dejectin as pimples. But i've pretty successed for frighten my sista. Hwahaha . .
If i get my Moody, i always feel that i wanna cry all the times. It feels like no body understands me. Annoyed.
Seems like there is a huge rock beeting up my deepest heart. And the fedest up thing of all is 'i dont know why'.

But, coz of i have a very nobly heart, i got better immediately.
Whekek . .


Btw, today is 'Back to School' day. Yep, the day that i had been awaiting for. I'd been missin my school thingy like X7, GRZ, all of my friends, the building, and JHS. Hehehe . .

No lesson today. Just halal bi halal n event called 'Pengajian'. I didnt gave my attention to it. Very hungry, thristy, and sleepy. No one of the canteen was opened. Whereas, so many students which were needed to fill their tummy.

I'd been bringin 15 candiesa to be given for some of my friends. And coz i wouldnt gave to all of my classmates, so i did gave it secretly. Senang bisa berbagi. N u know, Fahri has massaged me that my candies were yummy . . :D
It has been makin me sure that the candies really delicious.

And than . . Whats again? I dont have any idea to write on. By that . . Bye bye . .
I wanna study ! (Proud) xp

29 September 2009


September 29, 2009 0 Comments
Halo semua?
Lama tak bersua . . .
Whahaha bhsane mekso bgt.
Okok. Aq ga pengen ngemengin masalah mekso emang karna masalah mekso meksoan tu kurang elit aj gtu diomongin. (Halah fin, sok elit . . )

I wanna talk bout love. Cailah . . But it doesnt mean that im in love guys. Just wanna talk.

Yeah, love is a feeling which is everybody who are still in normal condition certainly known. Hmm, i bet not just known, but experienced.

Love is universal feeling. It doesnt mean just happened between a men and a women that have a feeling to eachother. But love is more than this. I know that u, the reader surely know what i mean.

It have been happening to me. A beautiful feeling. I would never to hurt, to lose all the people who i loves. Such as my mother and my father. My sista absolutely. I cant and wont to imagine if they are far from me, if they in trouble, if they die . .
I wont to imagine.
Their smiles is my heaven. And their tears is my oil to make a hell fire.
I love my famm with all fibers on my body. Though sometimes there were many complications between us, but i still had a wish that i could made it better.
Cause of love.

To love a boy? Yes, i had been. Once.
Like what?
Cause he didnt love me.
How could that be?
I dont know. Not my fortune i think.
Can u explain it with a sentence?
Yes, i can. Love (to that boy) is like a very beautiful wound. Oke. Enough for talkin bout that boy. Not to important u know . .

Hyahaha, cuz my idea getting down and yeah, im a busy person u know :p , so c u at the next post guys ! !

28 September 2009

If i go mad . .

September 28, 2009 0 Comments
kayaknya ini bakal jadi posting paling gag mutu yang pernah aku produksi.
tapi ya beginilah adanya . ..


tuhkan gag mutu . .

yawdah biar lebih mutu aku mau nulis . . . . . apaya??
hmmm . . .


  1. punya lappie . .
  2. punya headset baryu (yg asli rusak, yg bru bli ilang . .)
  3. punya KAKAK!!
  4. punya pacar
  5. punya sepatu baru
  6. BEBAS !!!
  8. dapet nilai bagus pas mid
  9. bisa bahasa Jepang
  10. TIDUR :P
hwehwhwhwwweeeee , ,,
tambah lama tambah gag mutu.

iya soalnya aku lagi stressss . ..
mbuh ngoppo .

eiya . .


njuk ngopo . . .