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29 September 2009


Halo semua?
Lama tak bersua . . .
Whahaha bhsane mekso bgt.
Okok. Aq ga pengen ngemengin masalah mekso emang karna masalah mekso meksoan tu kurang elit aj gtu diomongin. (Halah fin, sok elit . . )

I wanna talk bout love. Cailah . . But it doesnt mean that im in love guys. Just wanna talk.

Yeah, love is a feeling which is everybody who are still in normal condition certainly known. Hmm, i bet not just known, but experienced.

Love is universal feeling. It doesnt mean just happened between a men and a women that have a feeling to eachother. But love is more than this. I know that u, the reader surely know what i mean.

It have been happening to me. A beautiful feeling. I would never to hurt, to lose all the people who i loves. Such as my mother and my father. My sista absolutely. I cant and wont to imagine if they are far from me, if they in trouble, if they die . .
I wont to imagine.
Their smiles is my heaven. And their tears is my oil to make a hell fire.
I love my famm with all fibers on my body. Though sometimes there were many complications between us, but i still had a wish that i could made it better.
Cause of love.

To love a boy? Yes, i had been. Once.
Like what?
Cause he didnt love me.
How could that be?
I dont know. Not my fortune i think.
Can u explain it with a sentence?
Yes, i can. Love (to that boy) is like a very beautiful wound. Oke. Enough for talkin bout that boy. Not to important u know . .

Hyahaha, cuz my idea getting down and yeah, im a busy person u know :p , so c u at the next post guys ! !

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