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15 October 2009

I am a secret admire one. And im proud of it :DD

Hello mellow yellow guuuurrllsss . .

I lost my ability to write on if i aint in love. I mean not at all kok. But it doesnt as fluent as if im on it.

And now . . . umm . . Im stil not on in love but but but . .
mmmm . . .
I just admire to someone and he is catchy to me. (Yeah if he isnt catchy i never wanted to admire him lah. Piye je . . )
FYI, he is my senior at SMADA (the coolest school in the whole world dah!)

And the shitty things which ve been happening is he has TAKEN!!

Poor me . . :((

Ok, he dont know ANYTHING bout me actually. Maybe to look toward me aja kayakny he has no time. Yeah if someday there is a miracle come and he knows my name, i would sujud syukur. Huehehe . .

Ok the point is . . (Wis mubeng2 akhire yo point e lg saiki) today i went school with him!! Ok you permited to think anything. But i clarificated, I WAS JUST IN BEHIND OF HIM, BY MY OWN MOTORBIKE.
Sounds uncool i know. But i didnt follow him kok. He was overtaking me when i was riding my motorbike to school. And i became more conscious. It went on till we got to school.

Huehe . . I flew to the seventh sky . . Ouh . .

And couse of it, i face my day happily. No matter if i couldnt do my mid terms, no matter if my teacher did recentful to me. I didnt put it onto my heart kok. I really in my good mood.

Hope he and his girlfriend will be break up as soon as possible.

Mwehehe . .

Hug kiss and laugh . .

Finnta . . :D

Nb: sebenerny mau post ttg mid terms tapi yg ni lebi penting og! Huehue . . :p

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