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09 October 2009

I heart my SHS whole life no matter if it full of my stupidity or my fussies mouth

Hey guys!!
How's life? Mine is crowded. I heart my life for nowadays. Whatta gratify moments which were i had been getting at my whole SHS life. I must be greatful.

I sucha fussy person and i over confidence with it. And i think it bring me close to many people who i've been knowing and have been knowing me. And i really happy if i walked arround the school and somebody was greeting me. It was so makin me loves my school atmosphere.

And to having a lot of friend is so fun, isnt it?

Maybe next time i'll post u my collection photos of me and amy friends. There were awesome! :D

Just remembering when we were making an assembly in da mornin at the corner of the balcony. The pioner of this were Mamah Dini and Rara. By the times, i and Astri and sum people began to gather together with it assembly. We just did sumthing not important things like did gosiiping, readin miiko, eat snacks, and laughing to kill the morning times. It was so fun!

And remembering back to sum sillies incident that had been making by me. Hwahahaha . .

Yah my 'SILLY CONFESSION' for example. I stupidly screamed that i was NARJI's ex. I dont mean like that. He said that he was Ariel Peterpan. And he asked to us ''Who dont know Ariel Peterpan? No one!'' .
And i . . screamed . . '' I KNOW!! He WAS MY EX'' . .
And i awared from my stupidity on that time accompanied by peoples mock.

What else? Many. But im too lazy to write on. And too ashamed actually. I became more stupid and random than before. And more lebay! wkwk . .

Somehow, i really enjoyed my new life. Hope it will be never end of happiness . . :D

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