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02 November 2009

A Perfection

I told my self “how to face the day with my own way”
Than a voice in the outsides said, “with a perfection …”

I wanna talk about perfection.
I have one simple question to be answered

maybe some of you will say “absolutelly!!” or anything that sign a pro oppinion. But for me, I will say “no, we havent”

Pernah ga sih kalian semua mikir kalo hidup dalam suatu kesempurnaan itu menyakitkan? Atau emang Cuma aku aja yang have oppinion like this?

When anybody show me a right way to move on, I really know that it is “Right” for me. They just want the best for me to life on this “unright” period, but the mistake is these intructions or what so ever its not my style. That’s not my way. That’s not me.

And for all the high expectation to me to be perfect, fyi that’s killing me. Its like you put a very big rock on to my back. And I will fall because my unstrong body cant hold up it weight.

Than, if my tears falling down from my eyes, does anybody care about?
Than, if my unperfect me feel its hardness, does anybody wanna help me?

And one thing I cant understand, why anybody especially parrents have to ikut campur on my own life? Why I must to follow what they want for my OWN future? C’mon guys, that’s my rights to determine who will I be. Toh aku juga gitu yang akan menjalankan kehidupanku.

I desperate for thinking all this mess. My life I mean. When people want me to be perfect, when the rules tied me, when I feel my freedom is nothing …

I don’t even know what will happen if I do ignore them. And because im nothing but a pengecut, pecundang, or anything u want to called me, I don’t have any bravery to do that.

Yah ginigini juga aku tuh jadi orang masih punya hati kok. Aku mah iya iya doang dalam hati ignored. Dan hal itu yang bikin aku stres.

Dan untuk melanjutkan hidup, kesempurnaan bukan segalanya kan?
I want my life berjalan dengan caraku.
Gada satu peraturanpun yang boleh ganggu kecuali emang peraturan itu berkesinambungan dengan hatiku. Ok galz??

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