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02 November 2009

You, Boy . .

The way u told me ur very secret . .
The way u trust me to listen to ur story . .
The way u making me melted with ur cool minds . .
The way u be your self in this crazy period . .
The way u answered all my question . .
The way u called me ‘Nduk’ that making me feel so speciall . .

Don’t u ever think boy, u making ur part on my diary . .
U making ur part on my head
And making ur part on my heart . .

And don’t u know . .

The way u making me wake from my sleep . .
The way u walk on my darkness . .
The way ur effort to make me fly in the right sky . .
The way u realized me about our distance . .
The way u realized me about our differents . .
The way u destroyed all my dreams . .

That’s realized me that our memories are nothing . .
And Im nothing but ur junior
Im nothing but a stupid girl who are in the lowest level on your perfect life.

No problems boy,
Before ur charmness freze my head, I’ll kill this thought
Before it is too late to be stopped, I’ll kill this feeling.

So, will easier for me to breath without u, boy ..

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