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22 February 2010

Togetherness and A Melodious Sentence

February 22, 2010 0 Comments
She is back. my dearest sista Latifa Zahra Sabrina is now at home. yeah she has a week holidays. and will be back to her pondok after my birthday. so do my dad. remember his promised that he'll comes on that day. oh im so glad to thinking that my family will be complete at home on my day. something that rarely happened in my family. :DDD

well, been a week since me and my mom, both live together. and last evening, i heard my mom told my sist about me. she said,

"Fa, kakakmu jadi lebih dewasa sejak ditinggal Papak,"

oh do you know my feeling was?
i know u can simply guess that. :)



February 22, 2010 0 Comments

Try Out SMADA 2010/2011


hahhahaha i just cant explain.

di try out itu aku dapet bagian.
aku dan beberapa anak lain kebagian jaga ruang. aku sama Rahma kebagian jaga ruang 5. dan ternyata yang namanya jaga ruang ujian tuh ga gampang.

kita diharusin sampe sana jam 6 pagi. JAM 6 PAGI meeeen . . MINGGU lagi. jam segitu biasanya my dear selimut masi setia nemenin aku mengarungi dunia mimpi. :apasiih . . . : -___________-
tapi berhubung aku orangnya karetan banget, ya aku sampe sana jam 6.30. dan bangganya, yang karetan gak cuma aku og. xixixixixi

pas sampe sana pas TM dimulai. aku seruang sama Rahma. hahaha bejo bgt. yang lain cowo cewe dan sama kakak kelas. nha aku? aku dah knal Rahma 4 taun ya ....... wkwkwkwk

ya trus TO jam 6.45. aku ma Rahma berusaha menjadi pengawas yang baik dengan cara ngegosip via twitter saat bertugas. hwakakakakaakakakakaa
ya ngga separah itu juga nding. tugas kita tuh ngebaca rule dan opening PAKE INGGRIS. trus kita ngebagiin LJK n soal. trus NGIDERIN ABSEN.

kenapa NGIDER ABSEN itu spesial? karna NOMERNYA GAK URUT. so, aku ma Rahma kerepotan bgt. kita capek bgt cuma gara2 absen.

trus, ngejaga (twitteran) .
jam 9.00 , aku ma Rahma ngebuka tutup botol fres tea buat para peserta. berhubung kita berdua cewe alim manis dan tiada berdaya (hwakakakaakakaka) kita ga kuat ngebuka botol. akupun mengutus Azhar buat ngebuka botol. he has done his jobs OK-ly. wkwkw

ga cuma buka botol, dia juga ngasi tau aku sapa-sapa aja yg curang. emang dia mah ahli bgt yang beginian. brasa bego aja aku disitu lebi lama tapi bisa gatau. lha si Azhar baru dateng langsung tau og pye.

trus, Azhar pergi setelah slesei ngebuka botol. jam 10 kurang, kita bagiin snack, frestea, notebook, sticker, 3, ma pamflet iklan.

jam 10, the TO was finally over and my stomach couldnt stop screaming. dgn kelaperan, kita ngurusin itu LJK n balik ke basecamp.

TO-nya over tapi the event was not.
masi ada stand2 ma pensi. setiap ekskul ngebuka satu stand. yang paling heboh teater sama Frosa. teater jualan sambil pada costplay gitu. anak frosa pada pake jas lab sambil jualan lotis ma minum. hahahaha

pensinya juga yaaaa standart lah. tapi asik og. da pertunjukan ROKET AER ma robotik juga. dan yaaah aku emang pengen liat itu.

than, pas acara bener2 over, seluruh panitia n nak SMADA pada ke JOGLO dan dengan gayeng kita ber-MARS SMADA ria. sumpah asiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik bgt.


bersyukur bgt aku masuk SMADA. hahahahaaa

sukses berat TO-nya
semoga next events bakal lebi sukses dari ini yaaa . .
amiiiiiin . . :DDD


18 February 2010

A Very Rare Holiday

February 18, 2010 0 Comments
So, im curently alone now.

My mother is going with her friends to visit her sick friend.

My father . . . uh . . he moves to Surabaya for a looooooooooooooooong time forward. He have some
jobs in there. And I don’t know when he’s gonna be back to Jogja and living with me and my mom again. But he promised me to come back here on my birthday. He said he will buy me montong’s duren for the day. Hehehehe just straight to ur promised dad. Im waiting for you :DD

My sister? As you know where she is. She is enjoying her life at her Pondok. And she don’t wanna go home except if there were any problems or holidays.

And here we are. Me and my mother. Both at our small-but-comfort house. Two ladies. No no no !! with our fishes actually. Sometimes with mosquitos, ants, house lizards, flies, and many mooore . . .

Yeah, if I want ‘peacefulness, comfortness, composure’ condition, I have to keep this togetherness and being a good daughter. I have to keep my mom. Hahaahhahaha . . .

Btw, I did cooking for the breakfast this morning. And it makes me feel so ‘girl’ hahaha. I cooked two plates of fried rice. My mother said, “good job!! Its delicious Fin. Congratulaition honey . .” . that was a very-very-very BIG LIE but so praised me. Ok. Not too a lie. Just on my oppinion. My mother always says that the one who eat his/her own cooking, he/she will never gets satisfied enough of it.Than she said,” I hope u do it everyday” -____________- be ready for getting poisoned Mom. Wkwkwkw :P

Well, today is school day off. Something that scarce for my school, SMADA. And just one day. ONE DAY. That’s why I’am calling my school “sekolah sok eksis”. my school is too stingy to give its students holidays. And as it turned out, it just A DAY. What the hell!!!!!!!

If I still me on 6 days before, I must be sad for this holiday. Yeah I didn’t so like holiday cause I couldn’t meet my crush. And if that happened, my mood will dropped and believe me I could eat anyhthing included human. Wkwkwkw

But now, Im totally enjoying this day. Cause I’ll never see him in that beautiful day. U cant destroy me boy!!!

Do u know that im getting mad of him?

Yeah. Since I want to avoid him, he ‘comes’ to me insteed. Either in direct or indirect conditions. Cant he just keeps me calm? Cant he sees that I unneed him anymore for making my days? Just stop it!!

Frankly it is to embrassing to tell u about him again, blog. I promised my self to not do it. It will makes me look so weak and crybaby. But that’s all on my head. Disturbing. Need a space to tell. Once more sorry. I will cure my self as soon as possible. Promise.

in an athmosphere of holiday

15 February 2010


February 15, 2010 0 Comments
kemaren si Astri nunjukin tulisan di bukunya. ginini . .

"when there is a will, there is a way"

ya cuma ngingetin aja dulu alm. kakung pernah ngasi tau aku peribahasa itu waktu umurku 7 ato 8 taunnan. dulu sih aku gak dong bllassssss maksudnya apa. tapi sekarang aku dah dong.
brarti kakung nyuruh aku pantang nyerah y??

miss u kunnnnnnngggggg . . . T.T


14 February 2010

An Eternal Valentine

February 14, 2010 0 Comments
Hell-o . . . :D
Wanna say GONG XI FA CAI for anyone who is celebrate it. Don’t forget gimme an angpau ok?? Xixixixixi ^^
Actually I haven’t someone to celebrate with. I mean a boyfriend. Heeem boys are sucks!!! (except all boys in my famm and my besties)

So, I opened my Valentine day with did-a-very-washing-day. Yeah, I washed my shoes, chair, bedcover, sprei, and the last, my motor bike. I felt my hands becoming stiff and rugged.

But it not that important. I wanna celebrate this day with people I loved. Especially my parents. Feels like I have no time with them since I hate for being together.

Why do I hate? Cos they never been satisfied enough of me. Of what I’ve done. And I hate if there is any commotion. I hate when they yelled on me. When they blamed me. And I hate if I got my self uncontroller and burned.

No wonder if I keep the distance with ‘em. I stir my self up at school. Cause just in there, the place that I can go, leave my dark-part of my life.

Yeah I know that im too childish. I can do anything in the right way. I always fault. I know maybe my parents disappointed for having me. But listen, I love them. I wanna make them proud of me, smile of having a daughter like me. Even they never see this, never read this, never know this, but I’ll keep on trying.

Mom, Dad, im just a stupid-lazy-useless-complicated-emotional-rebellious teenager of yours. And I hope your patient to raise me. I promise my self to be better. To be a good daughter. I promise . . J

So today, in the atmosphere of valentine, I just wanna say that I REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU, MOM DAD . . . I CANT LIVE WITHOUT YOU BOTH . . <3>

13 February 2010

The Last Stare

February 13, 2010 0 Comments
Siang menjelang sore hari. Kantin Smada. Mendung. Jumat, 12 Februari 2010 . .

I did honest to my besties. About my hesitancy of him. About how he treats me. About the way he looks at me. All in my mind and what i feel of him.

Then, next vanilla latte . .

She told me how she thought when the first time i said, ''look at him! He's damn cute ! !''
Especially when i said that i loved him . .

Then, my other bestie came . .

She said, ''can i ask him? I want to know What he feel on you. I have been knowing him since when we were in JHS''.
Me, ''NO! Dont do that''.
She, ''ok. You know what to do girl . . ''

Yes. I know what to do. I'll let the feeling go out of my heart. I'll be a girl who careless of you. I'll kill all of you that still living in my head.

Enough. Than i smile to them. I was happy for being honest to my self, to my friends . .
It felt like my problems were flying away. I love for being honest.

Then he pass me by. He stared me intently straight on my eyes. I did too. Then i smile . . :)

'Boy, it will be the last stare. Bye . . ' i said to my self . . .
I took a deep breath . .

Last song :
~shadows fill an empty heart, as love is fading . .
for all the things that we are, but are not saying . . ~

in a deep awareness


12 February 2010

VERY GREAT :((((((

February 12, 2010 0 Comments
aku ganti templates lagi.
sesuai hatiku sekarang yang lagi item bgt. gatau kenapa. sekarang aku di warnet tapi pikiran ga jelas. kepala pusing and do know what else.
aku kacau.
gatau apa yg bikin aku seburuk ini.
aku gak mau mikir. tapi kepikiran. GOD i need to take a rest.

aku gak mau sekolah
aku gak mau ketemu temen-temen
aku gak mau pulang
aku gak mau ketemu ortu
aku gak mau ketemu adek ku
aku gak mau ketemu kakakku
aku gak mau ketemu sobatku
aku gak mau ketemu bagas

aku cuma mau nangis
aku mau nulis
aku mau sendiri

GOD PLEASE TELL ME WHAT HAPPEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 February 2010

Too Terible :(

February 11, 2010 0 Comments
Quick update ajah ya, soalnya ini juga cuma nyolong-nyolong lagi ngerjain tugas kimia. masalahnya nek ketauan aku blogging padahal aku nggarap tugas mesti aku bakal dapet siraman rohani gratis. aku lagi males aja gitu pake disirem rohani ma bonyok.

jadi gini, aku gak ada semangat belajar nih. tauk deh kenapa. gak tau gurunya, suasana, ato temen-temen, kelas yg penuh masalah, ato mood yg gak lagi nge-in untuk blajar . . (padune fiiiin . . .)
yang jelas ini dari akunya.

oke, ini salah. aku sadar aku harus berubah. aku gak bisa gini terus jadi anak gak bertanggung jawab yang tiap pagi pamit, "buk, pak, aku brangkat sekolah dulu ya . . ". oke emang aku berangkat sekolah. tapi buat apa?
dan kalo sampe rumah telat cuma bilang, "maap ya buk pulang telat, ada yang harus dikerjain e . . " padahal mung ngelayap ra cetho.

tapi gimana sih caranya berubah?
dulu aku juga gak ginigini amat. aku sampe sekolah belajar, ngerjain soal, dan merhatiin guru. aku juga jarang nyalin pr. tapi kenapa sekarang hal-hal itu malah jadi habits?

aku sedih deh gini terus. tapi mau berubah juga hormon males uda keburu menyebar kedalam nadi.

ya contohnya ginini. pamit garap tugas dan apa yang kulakuin? ngeblog.

stop dulu deh jadi gak tanggung jawab. bye. (wis kebacut ngeblog lagi muni . . )


09 February 2010

Sepoeh vs Sesat

February 09, 2010 0 Comments
hai blogg . .
hehehe ini aku posting tengah malem pakek teknologi terbaru laptopku lho :D
yaikh!! gut news, laptopku jadi keren bgt lho skarang :DDD
thanks a lot for my beloved daddy dah.

btw, bosen gak sih denger ceritaku tentang Bagas?
aku yang nulis aja bosen apa lagi yang baca? ya gak . . .

nha maka dari itu, aku mau cerita tentang pengalamanku hari ini

tadi ada Liga SMADA hari kedua. yang maen SEPOEH (X7) vs SESAT (X1) dan SOPAN (X8) vs SLIM (X5).
berhubung aku adalah anak SEPOEH sejati, jadi aku yo mung nonton pertandingan SEPOEH doang. tapi aku tau kok hasil akhir pertandingan kedua. SLIM menang atas SOPAN 5-3 kan? hwehehehehe aku cukup update lho ;D

oke langsung aja ceritanya . .

ini pertandingan bola. BUKAN futsal. so, yang maen 11 orang. berhubung cowonya sepoeh cuma 12 (itu juga uda ditambah ical lho . . ), jadi semua maen dengan cadangan ical. wkwkwkwk
pertandingan berlangsung di lapangan Sidomoyo dengan cuaca yang mendung grimis grimis gimana getoooh. wasitnya Mas Juoro.
rombongan sepoeh karna saking semangatnya mau tanding, dateng ke lapangan jam setengah tiga kurang. padahal mulainya jam setengah empat. geje bgt g sih?
trus anak cowo pada latian gitu. bajunya pada kaos putih kebalik plus boxer. -_________-
tapi jangan salah, sepatunya meeeeeeeeeeen . . modal. pada beli baru og piye. wkwkwk

njuk jam setengah empat kurang, anak SESAT pada dateng.

pertandingan dimulai.

oke, aku gak pinter cerita bola ya. apalagi pertandingan. jadi maklumin nek agak geje.

SEPOEH tampil oke dengan suporter yang gak kalah oke. (gue getoh leadernya suporter :P)pokoknya yang gue tau tu susunan pemainnya :
Kharis : kiper
Abi, Bisma, Azhar, Arif : di depan.
Gunawan, Ibnu, Alvan : Tengah
Fahri, Fahrus, Afiq : belakang
Ical : cadangan.
jalannya pertandingan serruuuuuuuuu. sampe tenggorokanku mati rasa karna udah jadi toa yang baik.
ya jatuh jatuh dikit, dicurangin, nyurangin itu tetep adalah. tapi yang penting . . . SEPOEH MENANGGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!!!
7-0 :DDDD


telak banget gak sih?
ini ada beberapa foto

dua foto diatas ini lagi prepare prepare . . nunggu musuh nongol . .
gaklama . . .

ini musuhnya. a.k.a. SESAT

ini pemain pemain inti sepoeh :D (gak ada yg ganteng -_________-)

ini pas istirahat. udah 5-0 lho pas ini :D

ini pas tanding. maaf gak cetho. aku digusur JHS pas ngambil ini photo . .

ini kamiiiiiii SUPORTER SEPOEH !!!!! :DDDD

ya inilah bukti kekompakan kami. kita sampe tereak2 gatau malu pake nabuh galon segala lhooooooo :D
dan konsumsi juga kita sediain untuk yang main. wkwkw
kompakkan sepoeh? :D

i love to be a part of them.

semoga kemenangan ini akan terus berlanjut dan bisa terus lebih baik dan makin kompak :D.

Finntaaaaaa ^^

08 February 2010

new templates . .

February 08, 2010 0 Comments
hey . .
lets see . .
something different isn't it?

yeah i just changed my templates.
what do you think guys?
is it better and cool?
or worst?

yeah, looks feminim . .
in love making me feminim. hehehehe . .

just keep reading my blog yeaaaa . . :DD

fintaaaa . . :D

07 February 2010

Do u know that i thought of u even in math class?

February 07, 2010 0 Comments
Hello hello blog sayangs.
Aku nulis ini posting sembari nunggu Bu Wahyu dateng ke kelasku . Oke lah, sebenernya Bu Wahyu uda dateng. Tapi so what? I dont wanna get my self so into her kok. I just want him to fill up my day. Hahahaha

Tapi kalo terlalu lama ketemu dia kayak gini aku juga jadi lil bit bored gtu.

Aku dah crita belum kalo dia uda pernah ngomong sama aku? Kalo dia selama beberapa hari 'deket' sama aku?

Yes, to be a normal girl who has feeling to him, ya aku senenglah. Yang ditunggu-tunggu malah.

Tapi, i found another sides of him and the problem is i dont like that. And i seen from his words that he do loves *** **** . That was killing me inside. I could thought well for 1 night.

Until i judge my self that i lost that feeling. Ilfil gitu. Dan katakata itu emang diperuntukkan untuk bales katakataku tentang sobat cowoku.

Ya sebenernya perasaan ilfil ini bisa awet. Tapi masalahnya dia ngancurin rasa ilfil ku. Dy makin sering muncul dan rasa ilfil ini lamalama luntur.
Aku gak ngerti apakah aku harus nepatin deadline 2 maretku ato egak. Walo mungkin jarak semakin deket, tapi dgn waktu tempuh sesingkat itu juga aq belum tentu bisa.

Dan lagi, aku gak ngerti apakah aku masi minat jadiin dia pelengkap koleksi angka 2 ku apa egak.

Oh mai oh mai . . .
Andai kalian tau gimana rasanya aku kalo got lost in his eyes . . .