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14 February 2010

An Eternal Valentine

Hell-o . . . :D
Wanna say GONG XI FA CAI for anyone who is celebrate it. Don’t forget gimme an angpau ok?? Xixixixixi ^^
Actually I haven’t someone to celebrate with. I mean a boyfriend. Heeem boys are sucks!!! (except all boys in my famm and my besties)

So, I opened my Valentine day with did-a-very-washing-day. Yeah, I washed my shoes, chair, bedcover, sprei, and the last, my motor bike. I felt my hands becoming stiff and rugged.

But it not that important. I wanna celebrate this day with people I loved. Especially my parents. Feels like I have no time with them since I hate for being together.

Why do I hate? Cos they never been satisfied enough of me. Of what I’ve done. And I hate if there is any commotion. I hate when they yelled on me. When they blamed me. And I hate if I got my self uncontroller and burned.

No wonder if I keep the distance with ‘em. I stir my self up at school. Cause just in there, the place that I can go, leave my dark-part of my life.

Yeah I know that im too childish. I can do anything in the right way. I always fault. I know maybe my parents disappointed for having me. But listen, I love them. I wanna make them proud of me, smile of having a daughter like me. Even they never see this, never read this, never know this, but I’ll keep on trying.

Mom, Dad, im just a stupid-lazy-useless-complicated-emotional-rebellious teenager of yours. And I hope your patient to raise me. I promise my self to be better. To be a good daughter. I promise . . J

So today, in the atmosphere of valentine, I just wanna say that I REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU, MOM DAD . . . I CANT LIVE WITHOUT YOU BOTH . . <3>

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