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18 February 2010

A Very Rare Holiday

So, im curently alone now.

My mother is going with her friends to visit her sick friend.

My father . . . uh . . he moves to Surabaya for a looooooooooooooooong time forward. He have some
jobs in there. And I don’t know when he’s gonna be back to Jogja and living with me and my mom again. But he promised me to come back here on my birthday. He said he will buy me montong’s duren for the day. Hehehehe just straight to ur promised dad. Im waiting for you :DD

My sister? As you know where she is. She is enjoying her life at her Pondok. And she don’t wanna go home except if there were any problems or holidays.

And here we are. Me and my mother. Both at our small-but-comfort house. Two ladies. No no no !! with our fishes actually. Sometimes with mosquitos, ants, house lizards, flies, and many mooore . . .

Yeah, if I want ‘peacefulness, comfortness, composure’ condition, I have to keep this togetherness and being a good daughter. I have to keep my mom. Hahaahhahaha . . .

Btw, I did cooking for the breakfast this morning. And it makes me feel so ‘girl’ hahaha. I cooked two plates of fried rice. My mother said, “good job!! Its delicious Fin. Congratulaition honey . .” . that was a very-very-very BIG LIE but so praised me. Ok. Not too a lie. Just on my oppinion. My mother always says that the one who eat his/her own cooking, he/she will never gets satisfied enough of it.Than she said,” I hope u do it everyday” -____________- be ready for getting poisoned Mom. Wkwkwkw :P

Well, today is school day off. Something that scarce for my school, SMADA. And just one day. ONE DAY. That’s why I’am calling my school “sekolah sok eksis”. my school is too stingy to give its students holidays. And as it turned out, it just A DAY. What the hell!!!!!!!

If I still me on 6 days before, I must be sad for this holiday. Yeah I didn’t so like holiday cause I couldn’t meet my crush. And if that happened, my mood will dropped and believe me I could eat anyhthing included human. Wkwkwkw

But now, Im totally enjoying this day. Cause I’ll never see him in that beautiful day. U cant destroy me boy!!!

Do u know that im getting mad of him?

Yeah. Since I want to avoid him, he ‘comes’ to me insteed. Either in direct or indirect conditions. Cant he just keeps me calm? Cant he sees that I unneed him anymore for making my days? Just stop it!!

Frankly it is to embrassing to tell u about him again, blog. I promised my self to not do it. It will makes me look so weak and crybaby. But that’s all on my head. Disturbing. Need a space to tell. Once more sorry. I will cure my self as soon as possible. Promise.

in an athmosphere of holiday

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