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10 June 2010

Exams and Major Thingy

Hello folks!!
Its been 4 days since the first day of semesteran. And WOW!!! I have been a good author in my answers sheets. I feel so cool. Lol!

Yeah, I couldn’t put my head in this exams thingy. So difficult. Whereas this exam is so important. Very important. The result of the exam will be consideration of dividing into science or social major in grade 11th.

Do you know what is major which I wished?
The answer is ………… I don’t know.

First, honestly, besides for making my parents proud of me, I want science direction to be my next major. Yeah I want to feel the atmosphere of prestige like when I accepted at 8 JHS. I miss that moment. I have to confess that science major is mooooooooooore prestigious than social. Yeah. I have to confess.

Second, I’m not kind of smart girl who can following subjects easily. Believe me, my marks on this semester report would be sadden. I’m sure! I do have mirror for realize my ability and before I got more problems if I be in science direction, I’ll surely choose social. Yeah.. except if God magically turning my brain with Einstein’s, I would choose science. Hohoho and its impossible.

Life is not about prestigious. Life is not about people’s view through me. I think about my life, my future. And that’s totally mine! I don’t care if my family, my friends, grandma, cousins, uncle, aunty or anyone thinks that I’m stupid. I don’t care. Yeah, it’s true that I’m stupid, so? What is your problem?

I don’t care if my parents will scold me. There are many things that they need to know about me. My brain, for example. They just know that their little teenager is kinda smart. Hahaha they would be disappointed if they know the truth. Problems in life is not just about how smart are you in school things. No no no!!

I’m tired of torturing my self to be perfect in anyone eyes. It’s my life. Is it wrong if I want to make it my way?

I’ve ever heard that adolescents period is the hardest part of life. And I’m in it. Please be careful with me. Hohoho -> too much texting with the boy makes me like to write this. ‘hohoho’ I mean. He always put ‘hohoho’ in his texts :D *njuk ngopo e fin.

Ok, back to the semesteran.

I’m yet doing dishonest. Record!!! For it 4 days, I did ALL the exams HONESTLY without cheating or giving anyone answers. Even I couldn’t do most of the exams, but gimme applause of my firmness for keeping my self honest. Hohoho

God please respect my honesty.. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. I won’t ask too much, just gimme good mark on every exams. Amiiiiiiiiiiiiiin

But I have plan to do cheating on mandarin language :p . hahhahaha gak papa ya ya Allah, habis make kepekan aja nilai masih sangat menyedihkan apalagi gak pake sama sekali, apa yang akan terjadi coba? Iya gak? :P

O ya, I haven’t told you yet why I can’t put my head on this exams. Yaah I guess you already known the reason although I didn’t tell you. what else besides the boy that takes place most part of my head and my heart?

Huh maybe it sounds so njijiki and termenye-menye ra nggenah, but its totally true!! And I’m disgusted with it. How could I get my concentration if every time I study he texts me? Resentfully, he texts me for not important things like “how are you?” or “how was your last exam?” or “are you ready for tomorrow?” yeah something like that. Stupidly I couldn’t control my self not to reply it. If I would failed my exam, u are the first one who I want to ask for responsibility!! Pokokmen!!!

Before I talk nonsense about the boy and make this post polluted of my termenye-menye words for him, let me finish this post.

Sooooo babaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai … muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah :*

Nb: wish me luck btw for the residue days of this silly exams, :D


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