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20 July 2010


Arinda Daniaty Suryadarma
Astri Permatasari
Deinara Nurinda Herdani
Luthfinta Nurul Dzikrina Sudar
Ria Fasyah Fatmawati
Windriandini Dwihastuti

we are in this together..

even though we have to in different class,
but we will always together
we have each other..

honestly, im afraid with this unexpected class majority
afraid for not being together..

i believe
it is the best choice for future..

Arin, Astri, Rara.. XI IA 2
Sasya, Dini.. XI IA 3
and me, Finta.. XI IS 2

thats not kind of problem, right?

our friendship will always last forever..


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