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09 June 2011


seriusan. gak tau bener-bener gak tau mau nulis apa. cuma lagi butuh temen ngomong aja.


dan masalahnya gak tau mau ngomongin apa juga. galaw.

dan ditengah ke gejean, aku malah nemu astronomi-astronomian ini

Pisces are known for their sensitive and caring nature. They are the type of people who will put their friends and family before themselves. These are some of the most selfless people you can find. People under the Fish sign are quite often blessed with rich imagination and creativity (amiiiin).

Many of Pisces individuals
think from their hearts and not their heads. However such an emotional logic allows them to have a good intuition and usually they can see through people and understand others better than the rest of us can. One of Pisces’ greatness weaknesses is that they can be quite na├»ve and unstable with opinions. This means that someone with bad intentions can easily trick a Piscean (of course not every Piscean is so easily tricked). On the social frontier Fish are very easy going and can adapt to any atmosphere and find themselves good friends in any environment. Pisceans are very emotional however they do not always show all their feelings. They like to keep a thin air of mystery around themselves.

People under this zodiac are usually
very artistic (hah) . Most often they are more comfortable working alone rather than in a team, because this way they can do the work in their own creative way. They are not overly ambitious and do not care about being at the top. All they want is some recognition and acceptance.

Overall these are
very compassionate and easygoing people, they are quite dreamy and not very practical or rational. They are very faithful and their love is usually limitless

edaaaan banyak yang sama! yang tak warnain biru itu emang aku banget. yang tak bold item kadang iya kadang nggak. yang pink itu mah meragukan. yang merah, buat nyindir orang aja sih. hahaha

hahaha ini bukan berarti aku percaya ramalan yah. yang atas tadi kan cuma aku tuh orangnya kaya gimana.

tapi yang bikin galau malem ini bukan masalah lelaki kok ya. saya mah kenyang galau lelaki mulu. ini mah cuma intermezzo penghiburan diri aja yang kok malah marai tambah galau. NGAHAHAHA

yaudah deh dadah :P

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