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26 October 2011

Things I Miss

i really miss those "how was your day" thing when i got back from school.

i really miss the tea time before our maghrib prayer.

i really miss the family gathering thing on weekdays.

i really miss being scolded when i do something wrong.

i really miss the time when my mom helped me pick out an outfit when I'm confused.

i really
miss when my mother and sister made a fuss because I did not get up from my sleep
i really miss when my mother and sister made fun of me because there was a male friend who came to the house

i really miss the noise that happened when my father and my sister fought for chocolate or ice cream, or when the four of us fought for mangoes.

i really miss all of my mother's dishes

i really
miss during a fight with my sister because no one wants to wash the dishes.


when from
morning till night all the things I do myself
when there is no longer "hai" when i get home

i feel like....

i have no family :""(

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