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14 March 2013


helaw hawtie blawgieee!!!

actually what should i do now is do the homework. but, the time i opened up my lappy and know that my internet is connected beautifully, niat nggarap tugas pun buyar dengan indah juga.

okay, this time i just wanna share that im finally falling in love with my campus and these college life. i finally can enjoy my self being a part of this wonderful place! oh Gawd, where have i been? this place is a place that i've been dreamed of for this past few years, and i finally have been chosen to be here because of my struggle, and i was just thankful NOW!!! 

well, im over with comparing my-new-college-life with my-super-wonderful-high-school-life because they are different and they have different part of my life too. 

high school is cool. I have never and will never regret anything that has happened there. living the life as a normal teenage girl is real a great thing that ever happened in my life. everyday was experience, everyday was fun, everyday was exciting!

and college life? 

well, at first it was scary being in this place. it felt like i was trapped in the forest where all cool people walking here and there right in front of my eyes and successfully made me feel inferior. and the only way to survive is to make my self be a cool person too. at least cool enough for me to feel confident and living college life with comfortable feeling and able to love this place.

and i've reached this point! i mean, im finally feeling confident and happy. i feel accepted by every part of this campus. finally. 

this campus life makes me actualize my self and makes me try harder and harder to be a better person. and after i give my best to this campus, this campus give me its best. after i try my best to love this campus, i finally feel that this campus loves me back!

this campus teach me to trying hard to get pleasure and satisfaction. tapi memang itu kan yang harus seseorang lakukan dalam hidup? 

thanks God for putting me here. 

after all these things, what i want to say is that....

thanks God, for making everyday of my life worthwhile :)