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31 October 2014

the "the's"

October 31, 2014 0 Comments

the hugs. the tears. the stories. the sweats. the smiles. the struggles. the loves. the spirits....
the indescribable color of my life.

the very first Internal division of IKAMMA. 


23 October 2014

The Meetings

October 23, 2014 0 Comments
I have come to the understanding that every single things happen in our life are ALWAYS have a reason. Maybe the reason is now blurred, but its clearly in front of eyes. And it needs time to finally reveal. 

Sometimes I wonder why people come, take our attention, and we give part of our life.... and as time passes, the bound is fading and then the separation comes. Im talking about general meeting. Family-ship, friendship, loveydovey-ship.... every relationship. 

That the meeting is a process of painting the soul. We're not gonna be who we are today if that meeting never happen. They give us things to learn or maybe they give us the real 'things'. Maybe they just give the presence, the companion, because if they were not coming, we're gonna be alone. 

If we don't get any reason of the meeting, yes, maybe the benefit is not in our side, but theirs, the one who we met. Its fine, nothing is wrong for being the light in someone else's life. And the meeting still has its reason. 

But everything has an expired time. We grow, we change. So are every person in the whole world. The changes are now need a new adaptation. 'The old' people cant stand the changes. We are so ready to the next chapter of our life.

Don't blame goodbyes, its natural. But be thankful of the hellos, because the new journey is ready to start. Don't be so distressed over separation, but be happy over them who stay and want to change together with us.

The Right Book

October 23, 2014 0 Comments
This one is not my writing. Its Christabelle Adeline's and I just cant stop reading it.

The Right Book

Sometimes the right book is the one you already know from your many trips to the bookstore, from the hours you’ve spent scanning the shelves, the one you’ve many times walked past, run your fingers over, and maybe even held in your hand for a few minutes to observe the cover.
The right book may have an interesting synopsis at the back. The right book may not have an interesting synopsis at the back. If you haven’t heard praises about it, you will find them on the cover, written by people or publications who may or may not be credible. You’d consider them, except that they’re nothing but short excerpts of reviews, and you wonder if these compliments could have been taken out of context.
You’d put it back on the shelf and walk out with a different book. You just need an easy read. The right book seemed a little heavy. You cannot do heavy right now.
You pick it up again days, maybe months, or years later. You think, “why not” and immediately start reading at the coffee shop attached to the bookstore.
The right book is beautifully written. You didn’t know it was so funny, though it is also a little sad. At home you stay up all night reading in the comfort of your bed, you get to work late and sleep-seprived. You read it during your commute – no, you commute to read it – you take it out to lunch, you steal cigarette breaks to read.
The right book takes you places you’ve never been, introduces you to people you never thought you’d meet. It is a little heavy, and you get a little intimidated sometimes. But you keep going anyway. The right book takes awhile to appreciate; sometimes Google comes in handy as you look up references, but it is patient with you as much as you are patient with it.
The right book is “unputdownable” – you keep turning pages after pages, you are so consumed in it you don’t even bother keeping track like you usually do.
100 pages in, 300 pages in, 478 pages in, 538 pages in, and before you know it the right book – like any other book – ends.

14 October 2014

Being Such a Playgirl ;)

October 14, 2014 0 Comments

Hahaha this will be a quiet late post to be posted.

This is one of the clear evidences of my holiday-productivity. Yes. I didn't spend my holiday for literally holiday, I was working on my faculty orientation event called SIMFONI. I served as vice coordinator of 'panitia acara' in creative subdivision. And you know what, that was one of my favorite events I've ever did. I love my job. 

Creative subdivision was responsible for making fun things of the event it selves. Like making songs, dances, games, and videos. I might not such an expert of those things but I love to make something fun, I really enjoy learn new things and absolutely excited to meet new friends. I was so grateful to have such a super team in my creative subdivision like Firsti, Fulki, and Jegeg. 

And yeah, we made many things and videos but I'm not gonna make my blog full with those videos (especially the video of me dancing with Mastin jingle as the backsound). I'm gonna post my favorite one. The hardest video of all. The one that made us climbed mountain in 'saur' time. The one that made us 'eat' in fasting time. The one that has me as the main character. Hahahaha

And yeah though its too embracing to watch, but its fun to see my self toying with two hearts, even just in a video, but at least I've experienced this kind of love story :')

13 October 2014

The Gold

October 13, 2014 0 Comments

At times, things can be so wrong. The wrongest part comes when you just cant handle yourself through the roller coaster of life. The eyes blurred by sadness. Ears buzzed by emotion. Every seconds pass makes you even more tired and feel like give up.

Instead of being blue. And see everything in black or white. I choose to be the gold. Gold is an elegant color, even though in 'gloomy' circumstances it will still shine. A gold will always be the precious one among another metals, can never be rusted even time passes by.