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14 October 2014

Being Such a Playgirl ;)

Hahaha this will be a quiet late post to be posted.

This is one of the clear evidences of my holiday-productivity. Yes. I didn't spend my holiday for literally holiday, I was working on my faculty orientation event called SIMFONI. I served as vice coordinator of 'panitia acara' in creative subdivision. And you know what, that was one of my favorite events I've ever did. I love my job. 

Creative subdivision was responsible for making fun things of the event it selves. Like making songs, dances, games, and videos. I might not such an expert of those things but I love to make something fun, I really enjoy learn new things and absolutely excited to meet new friends. I was so grateful to have such a super team in my creative subdivision like Firsti, Fulki, and Jegeg. 

And yeah, we made many things and videos but I'm not gonna make my blog full with those videos (especially the video of me dancing with Mastin jingle as the backsound). I'm gonna post my favorite one. The hardest video of all. The one that made us climbed mountain in 'saur' time. The one that made us 'eat' in fasting time. The one that has me as the main character. Hahahaha

And yeah though its too embracing to watch, but its fun to see my self toying with two hearts, even just in a video, but at least I've experienced this kind of love story :')

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