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23 October 2014

The Meetings

I have come to the understanding that every single things happen in our life are ALWAYS have a reason. Maybe the reason is now blurred, but its clearly in front of eyes. And it needs time to finally reveal. 

Sometimes I wonder why people come, take our attention, and we give part of our life.... and as time passes, the bound is fading and then the separation comes. Im talking about general meeting. Family-ship, friendship, loveydovey-ship.... every relationship. 

That the meeting is a process of painting the soul. We're not gonna be who we are today if that meeting never happen. They give us things to learn or maybe they give us the real 'things'. Maybe they just give the presence, the companion, because if they were not coming, we're gonna be alone. 

If we don't get any reason of the meeting, yes, maybe the benefit is not in our side, but theirs, the one who we met. Its fine, nothing is wrong for being the light in someone else's life. And the meeting still has its reason. 

But everything has an expired time. We grow, we change. So are every person in the whole world. The changes are now need a new adaptation. 'The old' people cant stand the changes. We are so ready to the next chapter of our life.

Don't blame goodbyes, its natural. But be thankful of the hellos, because the new journey is ready to start. Don't be so distressed over separation, but be happy over them who stay and want to change together with us.

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