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27 December 2014

My Lovely Milo

Hello fellas! Meet my new babyyyyyyyyy!
Wuhuuu. So excited like super seriously! 

So, there she is, my new 8 months-old persian cat named Milo. Well she is not literally new, I adopted her from Ghufrani and I ended up super happy to have her by my side. 

I always wanted to have a pet that can be stroked. I found it pleases me everytime I touched animal and the animal seems enjoying my touch. But when I told my parents to buy me a cat or hamster or rabbit or anything, they said that they cant trust me that I would treat them right. And yes, deep inside I agreed. I was younger back then, my emotions were unstable. So, my dream just burned like that. I never asked again.

17 December 2014, I told Ghufrani that I would adopt one of his cat (he has two persian cats). I dont know how and why I told him like that. The thought of adopting one of his cat was just crossed my mind when my mouth said that. I haven't said anything yet to my family. I just said that and Ghufrani took it seriously. Well, its not that I was not serious, but..... it was just felt so unreal. Yet it was excited me.

19 December 2014, after he finished his Friday's prayer, he drove me away to the pet shop and taught me to buy the cat equipment. And finally, he took the tabby to my house!

At first, I was really afraid my family would not accept the presence of Milo. But it turned out after meeting with Milo, they become very fond of the cat. My family all excited. So happy!

Milo is such a smart cat. She wont pee outside her sand. She's such a 'sholehah' cat cause she always wake me up at 4 in the morning so that I wont miss my subuh prayer. She sleeps with me on my bed right on my feet every night. And she  always greeted me every time I return to the room. She always made me feel homesick because I know I awaited. She really likes to be pampered. Come to me just to ask me to play. How cuuuteeeee :3

I don't know how can I describe my happiness for being with her. I just feel like if we share and pour out our love, we are not going to feel less, our hearts will feel alive. And yes, she makes me feel needed. She makes me feel alive. She makes me feel home.

Thanks God for bring me with Milo. Thanks Ghufrani for give me a friend... a family :)

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