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23 March 2015

New Age, New Life

Its actually the 2nd of March 2015 when all the stories started. I woke up with a bundle of to do lists, and I put my mother on the first line. I wanted to start the new age with her blessings. So I went to the mosque she usually came for 'pengajian'. And there she was, smiling at me and pray for good things to happen in my life. After the pengajian has over, she took me to the Jogja City Mall and we had lunch together. Time always fly so fast when I spend it with her. 

I came to the holy campus earlier just for a meeting with my event's food sponsor. And when the meeting was done, I got a surprise event from my division! A pink lovely cake and a bucket of flowers. 

I came to the big meeting with FEB's family. And out of no where, I got another surprise from my besties college friends after I left the meeting. A very delicious cake and a very impressed present with the childish laugh from them was there for me. 

With chocolate stains all over my clothes, I went back to the house and get ready for my birthday dinner with my big family. Its nice to have my big family came together in a place just for me, the birthday girl. We ate at the one of famous pasta restaurant in town, because I wanted for it. Oh ya, I forgot to tell, my grand mother cooked me a very delicious yellow rice for my birthday-breakfast- present. I surely started my age with good tasty food in a whole day :3

In the middle of night, when the graph of the day was turn down and tears was all over my face and I thought that the day would end anticlimax-ly, another surprise was created for me. This time was from my super besties, SGRM. What they've done to me has boosted my mood up like super seriously, like what they always did. And the present was a real support for me to become more syar'i, right? :)

And that's how my day was end. I slept with happiness and blessings from people I love. Its great to feel loved when at times you feel alone busy doing your egoistic goal. And I thank God for every single seconds He lets me to live, every single paths He lets me to take and make me the current me. I thank Him for the 21 years of my life. I promise my self to be a better person, to remind Him in my every steps, to give to another people, and to make the rest of my life more baroqah

The fact is that Im no longer a teenager, I am a 21st year old young lady. Well, its not that I could just call my self as a young lady while my childishness is yet to dead, its just the 'young lady' phrase gives me somehow a direction where I'm gonna go with my life in this age. 

And yeah, welcome 21st!

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