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05 April 2015

The Family Time, Finally

As you grow older, how many times the thought of going out to some interesting places or family attractions with your family instead of friends or lovers crossed your mind?

For me, its rare. Even almost never. 

The most ironic part is that when I was a kid, going out with my nuclear family was our weekly routines. Like every Sunday, my parents took me and my sister to anywhere. To laugh. To love. But as time passed, things change. Its hard to just even meet at home in a complete formation. 

But miracle came to us today. Like finally God gave us time to bond. Time to be enjoyed as a nuclear family after all the things we have done in the past years which made us this 'far' from each other. Yes, YEARS. I haven't gone out with my family for YEARS. So, I cherished every seconds of our togetherness. The super very rare togetherness. The super very rare family time. 

Parang Kusumo Beach
[04.30 A.M]

Pardon my face :")

Sri Gethuk Waterfalls
[10.00 A.M]

Pindul Cave
[14.00 P.M]

Bukit Bintang
[18.30 P.M]

Me and my pale face

Koki Joni
[19.45 P.M]

The unexpected idea came to Dad. 
He asked us to eat pasta, our favorite but his hated food. Weird day ever.

Shoooooo happy! I cant even stop myself from smiling and saying gratitude to my dearest God for letting me be with my lovely family. Its literally from when the sun hadn't risen up until Kaliurang road back deserted.

Thank you Dad. We love you more than words!

Someone ever told me that family is a place where you will always come back. And now I know its true :)

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