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07 May 2015

They MADE it!

Well its actually quite late to tell and I guess most of you have already known the fact I want to announce. Okay, not announce, its me cant stop my self for being annoying to anyone around me because I cant stop to always blabbering about MY BOYS FINALLY MADE THEIR COMEBACK AFTER THIS LONG 3 YEARS OF WAITING!!!!!!!!!!!! *wooooooooo* *whistling*

And the fact that YG (their agency) take the album super seriously, makes me super relieved. I dont know its YG feeling sorry to all the VIPs for have made them wait so long, or its Mr YG is a genius, so that the comeback is no joke. Its brilliant. Its different from another boy bands comebacks or even debuts. That is why I always love Big Bang.

I am not so gonna tell you about the concept. Or the comeback. Or anything related to how YG capturing people's heart for the Big Bang's new album. If you are interested you can just browse :p

Im gonna talk about every thought crosses my mind about the songs in Made new album, and their new look.

They've already made it with two songs titled BAE BAE and LOSER.

To be honest, I love BAE BAE more than LOSER. But somehow, at the first time I listened to the BAE BAE song, no, I watched the MV, I thought it was just so G-Dragon's. Its not Big Bang things, its GD's, I was a bit disappointed. Until the Taeyang part, maybe I was confused and successfully been hypnotized by Taeyang's charm so that the song was become forgivable. 

My favorite part is when TOP started to rap. TOP with joker concept is a brilliant! He nailed it! TOP with that bingu kind of move, crown-like hair and different eye ball color. He's stupidly handsome. 

And then, come Daesung's part. Watched it just after amazing part of TOP.... well, it roller coasters me. Since my number one bias is Daesung, watched Daesung with a girl on top of him and almost kissed his lips...... well...... hell! But, although it was weird at first, I think his new hair style suits him well. He looks sexier, hotter... with that kind of look. *drooling* 

When Seungri's part was out, the only thing I did was screaming. Loudly. Literally. Well, I wont tell. It was adult scene. And yeah, our maknae is mature now :")

Even after the song was out, I cant stop my self for listening and murmuring it. Yeah I still thought that it just so GD. But whatever, I always love GD's songs. 

And the comeback stages was out!!!! Wooooooo!! Its wayyyy more exciting!

To watched them with Fantastic Baby everytime they were on stage for 3 years... finally over. Big Bang. Come together. As a group. After their individual projects. With their different characters. Even I almost forgot how their shape if they were back as Big Bang. At one stage. With new songs.

............ Unexplainable!  


My sexy Dae with a girl hanging on him. Whats more sh*t than this? I wish a was that girl :"

Our leader. Younger look. How cute :3

This shape of Taeyang. The one I couldnt imagine, him as Big Bang with this style. This style is a brand new for Big Bang. His hair style was always the same since Haru-Haru and Gojimal till Alive album. And now, for Made, he changes.

The maknae looks like the leader. Hihihi.

THIS IS THE BEST!!! I've never felt this in love with TOP before this.

Its beyond great is'n it? :3

I cant wait for the other songs to come. And for another surprises from YG to come. hehehe

Sorry, I dont have much time. Its finally come the time for me to back fangirl-ing after 3 years hiatus. HAHAHAHAHAHA

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