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24 July 2015

Community Services Story : The Other Iedul Fitri

July 24, 2015 0 Comments
August 17th 2015 we, moslem people around the world were celebrating our big day, Iedul Fitri. But for me, it was a very big day because I celebrated events in a day. First, the iedul fitri it selves. Second, it was the very first time for me to celebrate Iedul Fitri without my big family!

At first, I couldn’t wait for the iedul fitri day to come. Super excited to experience the ambience of Iedul Fitri in Sabang, an island that hold Islam in the high esteem.

We (me and my home mates) woke up around 5.30 am and prepare ourselves to do Iedul Fitri prayer. We took a bath and wore the best clothes (in our suitcase, of course) then we put some make ups on our faces. And then went to the mosque early because we afraid that we might didn’t get the prayer spot. It was a routine before doing ied prayer when we were in Java. Later I understand, the Iedul Fitri spirit (that things me and my friends did) was just occur in Java.

When I came to the mosque, I was quiet shock when I saw almost every women coming to the mosque just wearing mukenah and inside the mukenah they wore house dress! I even sure that some of them didn’t took a bath first. Well, with the big different culture, I was not surprised when all the eyes in the women saf were aiming us. 

The only dressed up girls in the mosque :"

The saf for women was not full. Later I learned that doing Iedul Fitri prayer was not a priority for women here. They prefer to go to the kitchen and doing the morning daily routine: cooking for the family.

After finished the very loooong ied prayer I’ve ever been (with un-understandable speech because the speech was in Aceh language), we went to some society figures houses to do halal bi halal from morning till very late at night (and we did the halal bi halal for the next 3 days ), we ate a lot. Like our tummies could just explode anytime, but I did not meet my super favorite Iedul Fitri meal, Opor Ayam. Honestly, the missing of opor ayam in my iedul fitri, was a big sad. I really feel that I was not at home.

We were doing halal bi halal. Ate here ate there~~~

I was doing unimportant wondering everytime I shake hands with the older while saying “Maaf lahir batin” to the people I first met but I just can said the same words to my parents and my true family by phone, without even touch their skin, whereas every year I kneel down on their feet. 

The fact that this was really made me terribly sad surprised me. I thought it wouldn’t be so hard to spent the day without them, but I was wrong. Iedul Fitri is always a family day. And with this experience, I learned the importance of a family, that I need to always cheer times I spend with them. I feel like my appreciation to the Iedul Fitri is increasing. I think, I started to miss my family.

Honestly, it was not bad to spend the holy-days with my KKN pals. We ate, we laughed, we had fun….. yes, we shared the same pain together and together we trying to make the day and the following day brighter by doing what we’ve done. 

Well, readers, please pray for us. We travel along way here not to be sad, but we’re here to make good things to happen. To make smiles. So please God, be with us.

The last but not least, selamat hari raya Idul Fitri, mohon maaf lahir dan batin, world! :)

19 July 2015

Community Service's Story : Sabang, For The Very First Time

July 19, 2015 0 Comments

This photo was taken at the tip of the island. 

We left the hotel at 8am in the morning to catch the boat (we thought the boat would sail at 10am). That day, July 3rd 2015, we wore our NAD 02 t-shirt and for the girls, we all wore skirt and each of us wore hijab! From the outside I felt like I was a part of Madrasah Tsanawiyah group. Wkwkwkwk

Apparently the bus was moving to Situs Tsunami PLTN Apung. It was one of real evidences that Aceh’s Tsunami was real horrifying. The PLTN Apung taken along by the water and got stuck in that place. So bad when we were get there, it still closed, so we just took photos in front of the gate.

In front of PLTN Apung

We got to Ulee Lheue Ferry Port around 9.30am and got stuck there about 6 hours because the boat departed at 3pm.

Around 5pm WIBB (Waktu Indonesia bagian Barat Banget) we reached Sabang Island! Our tummies were soooo empty and our throats dry but the open fasting time was still 2 hours to go. Fasting was so hard with the jetlag.

The boat was finally sailing

Back to Sabang Island, what welcomed us was beyond amazing! When our bus moving along the street, I could see 99 Asmaul Husna spreads in the border of the street. And when we reached the city, my eyes catch a park with “sifat-sifat Allah” around it. “Subhanallah, Im going to do community services and spending my fasting time in a religious island. Sssooooo excited!” that was crossed my mind at that time.

Sabang, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. Yes, Sabang. The west-est island in my country, Indonesia. Sabang, an inspiration of our one of national songs, Dari Sabang Sampai Merauke. That was quite like dreams when I step my feet in this beautiful island.

Yes, this island is literally beautiful. We can see seas wherever we are, because this island has hills-like-contour. The environment here is still so natural and refreshing too, though sometimes the weather is super duper hot like if we put an egg just anywhere it can be boiled (lebay sih). We can found monkeys and babi hutan on the street.


The bus stopped at Keuchik (how we called kepala desa in here) Office of Krueng Raya village and we got a very warm welcome from Pak Keuchik and his staffs. After the welcoming ceremony, the bus moved to our ‘pondokan’. The 23 of us divided in to 5 places. 2 girls and 3 girls live in Jurong Mutiara Kolam Bermata, 4 girls and 4 girls, including me, live in Jurong Batu Singa Berfakta. And the boys live in the mosque.

As I said before, I live with 3 other girls named Puput, Sigma and Novi. These girls are all from psychology faculty, so I am the only one came from economic. Our place is separated with our host family home, their home is right beside us. The house is totally a new house. When we arrived here, the only household furnishings were just 2 beds, a mat, a broom and a shelf. Not in every room has the electricity turned on. But I am glad, it beyond my expectation that I will live separated with the host family. I am glad because I can use short pants and short t-shirt when at home. Besides, I don’t need to always put my attitude and behavior in a good formal manner all the time. HEHEHE

We eat with our host mom’s cooking. She send us the meals when the time to eat coming. Lucky us, our host mom, that we used to call Kak Neng, is vice mayor’s chef, so I can always guarantee that our meals wont failed, always delicious.

Well, community service is not as bad as my imagination, actually, its not bad at all. I am counting on the days forward and expecting the great experiences to come.

15 July 2015

Community Services Story : The Amazing Banda Aceh

July 15, 2015 0 Comments
After a very loooong process of documents, financial and projects preparation, July 2nd 2015 me and my community service’s team called NAD 02 went to Sabang Island. It took us almost 10 hours (flights and delays) from Jogja to Banda Aceh. 

To go to the Sabang Island, we need to take flight to Banda Aceh first and then sailing by boat to the island. But the boat only sailed at 2pm, so we need to stay a day at Banda Aceh. 

It was around 4pm when we landed in Sultan Iskandar Muda international airport Banda Aceh but the atmosphere was like 2pm in Jogja. And what surprised us more was the fact that the ‘azan ashar’ was just reverberated! 

Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport

Like it was not enough, my friend, Dian, told us “Be patient guys, azan maghrib is around 7pm” and he giggled. We, the 22 persons whom never stepped our feet at Banda Aceh, started to feel blue. Well we were fasting, and after the looong way of our course, we definitely felt really hungry. 

Once we done with our baggage, we were welcomed by Dian’s family and they took us to the hotel (which I forgot the name) by bus. Apparently, the hotel was so close with the legendary Masjid Raya Baiturrahman. We were soooo much excited to see the mosque from the bus’es windows. 

While the bus was moving to the hotel, Dian’s father told us about what happened along the Banda Aceh road when tsunami attacked the city. 

“Ini dulu ada mayat gelimpangan disini”
“Di bawah jembatan ini isinya mayat semua”
“Dulu banyak mayat nyangkut di got ini”
“Airnya dulu disini sampai 5 meteran”
“Ada kapal nyangkut di ujung jalan ini”

And many more. 

Honestly, I didn’t know what to feel at that time. I feel really amazed with the might of Allah. How He showed us His greatness. We, humans and every little things He created was just nothing. That we, humans had to always be bent down to Him and never ever ever forget about Him. At the same time, I feel soooo sad. I don’t know why I felt like crying when I was listening to the story. In my head played pictures of the past time at the location and I couldn’t help it to not feeling sad.

Ok enough about sad things. 

We put our bags at the hotel and went to the restaurant to eat. That was the very first time I ate Aceh meals which was literally at Aceh! I always loooooove the taste of Aceh meals that is served at rumah makan masakan Aceh in Jogja (fortunately near my house). You know what, the meals was waaaaayyyy better. Whereas the Aceh meals in Jogja was already super delicious. Please imagine how the Aceh meal original from Aceh tastes like heaven. Hohoho

Me and NAD 02 open fasting for the very first time in Aceh

After we enjoyed the meals, we went to the Masjid Raya Baiturrahman, the one and only building in that area which was totally fine when tsunami attacked, Subhanallah. We did sholat taraweh in that place and off course we went there to take some photos.  

The mosque is one of a kind! Sooooo beautiful! Like that was one of amazing mosque I’ve ever known. And we had to use proper clothes if we want to go there. No pants for women, no tight clothes. We must wear loose clothes and close the aurat. If we break the rules, the guard will reprimand us. So cool yet scary, because at that time, the girls of our team mostly wear pants and we got the warning. 

However, I was very happy to have the experience of praying at the mosque. I felt small in the greatness of the mosque environment. I felt nothing when I compare myself with the muslimah here.

Take a selfie before got the warning :3

Inside Masjid Raya Baiturrahman 

Me and the legendary mosque

After we did the prayer, I ate one of my favorite meals ever : mie aceh. The special thing here was that the mie aceh I ate was original from Aceh!!!!! Wohoooooowwww. Words couldn’t express how amazing the mie aceh tastes! 

Mie Aceh original from Aceh tastes like heaven!

I was so impressed with Banda Aceh. How the city could make me feel lacked in terms of my relationship with my God, make me feel amazed with the coolness of the city and the deliciousness of the meals.

And yeah, I got a very nice sleep afterwards.