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24 July 2015

Community Services Story : The Other Iedul Fitri

August 17th 2015 we, moslem people around the world were celebrating our big day, Iedul Fitri. But for me, it was a very big day because I celebrated events in a day. First, the iedul fitri it selves. Second, it was the very first time for me to celebrate Iedul Fitri without my big family!

At first, I couldn’t wait for the iedul fitri day to come. Super excited to experience the ambience of Iedul Fitri in Sabang, an island that hold Islam in the high esteem.

We (me and my home mates) woke up around 5.30 am and prepare ourselves to do Iedul Fitri prayer. We took a bath and wore the best clothes (in our suitcase, of course) then we put some make ups on our faces. And then went to the mosque early because we afraid that we might didn’t get the prayer spot. It was a routine before doing ied prayer when we were in Java. Later I understand, the Iedul Fitri spirit (that things me and my friends did) was just occur in Java.

When I came to the mosque, I was quiet shock when I saw almost every women coming to the mosque just wearing mukenah and inside the mukenah they wore house dress! I even sure that some of them didn’t took a bath first. Well, with the big different culture, I was not surprised when all the eyes in the women saf were aiming us. 

The only dressed up girls in the mosque :"

The saf for women was not full. Later I learned that doing Iedul Fitri prayer was not a priority for women here. They prefer to go to the kitchen and doing the morning daily routine: cooking for the family.

After finished the very loooong ied prayer I’ve ever been (with un-understandable speech because the speech was in Aceh language), we went to some society figures houses to do halal bi halal from morning till very late at night (and we did the halal bi halal for the next 3 days ), we ate a lot. Like our tummies could just explode anytime, but I did not meet my super favorite Iedul Fitri meal, Opor Ayam. Honestly, the missing of opor ayam in my iedul fitri, was a big sad. I really feel that I was not at home.

We were doing halal bi halal. Ate here ate there~~~

I was doing unimportant wondering everytime I shake hands with the older while saying “Maaf lahir batin” to the people I first met but I just can said the same words to my parents and my true family by phone, without even touch their skin, whereas every year I kneel down on their feet. 

The fact that this was really made me terribly sad surprised me. I thought it wouldn’t be so hard to spent the day without them, but I was wrong. Iedul Fitri is always a family day. And with this experience, I learned the importance of a family, that I need to always cheer times I spend with them. I feel like my appreciation to the Iedul Fitri is increasing. I think, I started to miss my family.

Honestly, it was not bad to spend the holy-days with my KKN pals. We ate, we laughed, we had fun….. yes, we shared the same pain together and together we trying to make the day and the following day brighter by doing what we’ve done. 

Well, readers, please pray for us. We travel along way here not to be sad, but we’re here to make good things to happen. To make smiles. So please God, be with us.

The last but not least, selamat hari raya Idul Fitri, mohon maaf lahir dan batin, world! :)

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