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19 July 2015

Community Service's Story : Sabang, For The Very First Time

This photo was taken at the tip of the island. 

We left the hotel at 8am in the morning to catch the boat (we thought the boat would sail at 10am). That day, July 3rd 2015, we wore our NAD 02 t-shirt and for the girls, we all wore skirt and each of us wore hijab! From the outside I felt like I was a part of Madrasah Tsanawiyah group. Wkwkwkwk

Apparently the bus was moving to Situs Tsunami PLTN Apung. It was one of real evidences that Aceh’s Tsunami was real horrifying. The PLTN Apung taken along by the water and got stuck in that place. So bad when we were get there, it still closed, so we just took photos in front of the gate.

In front of PLTN Apung

We got to Ulee Lheue Ferry Port around 9.30am and got stuck there about 6 hours because the boat departed at 3pm.

Around 5pm WIBB (Waktu Indonesia bagian Barat Banget) we reached Sabang Island! Our tummies were soooo empty and our throats dry but the open fasting time was still 2 hours to go. Fasting was so hard with the jetlag.

The boat was finally sailing

Back to Sabang Island, what welcomed us was beyond amazing! When our bus moving along the street, I could see 99 Asmaul Husna spreads in the border of the street. And when we reached the city, my eyes catch a park with “sifat-sifat Allah” around it. “Subhanallah, Im going to do community services and spending my fasting time in a religious island. Sssooooo excited!” that was crossed my mind at that time.

Sabang, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. Yes, Sabang. The west-est island in my country, Indonesia. Sabang, an inspiration of our one of national songs, Dari Sabang Sampai Merauke. That was quite like dreams when I step my feet in this beautiful island.

Yes, this island is literally beautiful. We can see seas wherever we are, because this island has hills-like-contour. The environment here is still so natural and refreshing too, though sometimes the weather is super duper hot like if we put an egg just anywhere it can be boiled (lebay sih). We can found monkeys and babi hutan on the street.


The bus stopped at Keuchik (how we called kepala desa in here) Office of Krueng Raya village and we got a very warm welcome from Pak Keuchik and his staffs. After the welcoming ceremony, the bus moved to our ‘pondokan’. The 23 of us divided in to 5 places. 2 girls and 3 girls live in Jurong Mutiara Kolam Bermata, 4 girls and 4 girls, including me, live in Jurong Batu Singa Berfakta. And the boys live in the mosque.

As I said before, I live with 3 other girls named Puput, Sigma and Novi. These girls are all from psychology faculty, so I am the only one came from economic. Our place is separated with our host family home, their home is right beside us. The house is totally a new house. When we arrived here, the only household furnishings were just 2 beds, a mat, a broom and a shelf. Not in every room has the electricity turned on. But I am glad, it beyond my expectation that I will live separated with the host family. I am glad because I can use short pants and short t-shirt when at home. Besides, I don’t need to always put my attitude and behavior in a good formal manner all the time. HEHEHE

We eat with our host mom’s cooking. She send us the meals when the time to eat coming. Lucky us, our host mom, that we used to call Kak Neng, is vice mayor’s chef, so I can always guarantee that our meals wont failed, always delicious.

Well, community service is not as bad as my imagination, actually, its not bad at all. I am counting on the days forward and expecting the great experiences to come.

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