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21 January 2016

The Summary of 2015

Hi Blog!
Wow its already 21 days passed in 2016 and I just have the time to say hi to you. Sooo pathetic :(

Yes, I am that busy. The photo up there was my very first photo taken in 2016, yes, the new year eve. I spent my new year eve at the nearest Dunkin Donuts with my deadline, by that I mean all by myself. Pardon that ridiculous pose, I was too bored and out of nowhere came up with that kind of pose.

Forget it.

I just want to tell you that I was still living a busy live like the passed years. But unlike 2014, which I spent most of times with the spirit of surviving, alhamdulillah in 2015 I found it easier and.... enjoyable.

At first I intend to make this post just like what I did in my 2014's first post: the summary of the whole year. But I think its already late, like what I said before, this is already 21 days passed, the summary of last year seems like not interesting anymore, even though I write just for my self, my way of introspection.

But I think I still need to do that because it will be very meaning full when a year later I look in to this and see how my self has improved 

Well I think the best way is to make it point by point:

  • I was done with my very last event organizing things on March. The good news was that the event overflowed with victory, I know I have a happy ending with my whole career in my college life.

  • From past few months in 2015 until August 2016 I was devoted with my position as the secretary of my community service team and the other things about community service. Well I already posted few things about that and will be post something about it on my next post.

  • I finally paid attention to my academics life. And it brought me into a deep thought about my future and many decisions that I've made.
  • I went to some religious meeting and had made the decision to use hijab syar'i but too bad it just lasted for about 6 months and now I'm back with my skinny jeans :( well, someday, I will definitely make the hijab syar'i as my daily wearing for the rest of my life, but not today. I know I have lost and failed to the bad side mine. 

  • To maintain my health, I drink juice for my daily routines. I had made jogging as my daily sport but then I fell sick, I dont know why my body is so suck when it comes to exercising.

  • I've got my very first part time job at the place I always wanted!

  • I've got to finish my very first novel. But yeah, it really needs a lot of improvement here and there, and I'm not sure that it will published this year. However, I am so happy its done.

  • I got sick so often. 

  • I've got in to a mature-relationship with a-one-of-a-kind boy that I've dreamed for a long time and the stupidest part is that I ruined it. Well, by writing this, I'm saying to him that, yes, I am really sorry for everything happened to us, I take all the blame. But I'm happy, because I've got to learn many things about life, about whats best and whats not, about myself and about what kind of person I need for the rest of mylife. And yes, I thank him, a lot.

  • I was really into make my self closer to my family. And I'm still on it. 

Yeah I already sums up the past year and I feel blessed. 2015 made me think many things till my head hurts and made me unable to sleep. literally. I questioned my self about whats passed and whats next like every single day. But yeah, I enjoy every moment of the confusion, that's life. The process of searching for identity.

And 2016. I've set some goals for 2016 and I want to make my head straight to make it comes true. I hope that every single question in the past year will shed a light and found it selves the answer. 

I don't want to just fulfill, but I want to enjoy, I want to live my live, not just surviving. I want to always grateful. I want to be happy, and share the happiness to others. 

And I hope God won't ever leave me.

So, welcome 2016!

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