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07 February 2016

A Message from Heart to Kang Daesung (#30harimenulissuratcinta)

I intended to make this letter like a proper letter. Yes, because its for you, my one and only Kang Daesung.

Hello, Daesung oppa!

Yes, it seems like I will call you ‘oppa’ for the rest of the letter. Its simply because you are older than me and you’re a ‘namja’ right?

At first, I want to introduce myself. My name is Luthfinta and I’m from Indonesia. This year I will be 22 years old and I’ve met you twice. Ok, not literally ‘met’, I watched you live. First when you came to Indonesia to promote Kakao Talk and second when you held your MADE concert with your Bigbang mates last August.

Ya, just for you know, it was rough and hard just to go to Jakarta and watched you and other Bigbang members but it was worth it.

Ok, I want to tell you the very first time I fell in love with Bigbang. Well, it was you the reason why I love Bigbang soooo much. If many people fell ini love for Haru-Haru or Lies or Last Farewell but for me the one catch my heart was Tell Me Goodbye especially your part. In that song your voice was so amazing. Like really amazing. Yeah, after that song, I automatically and officially became a VIP. Until today, there’s no other KPOP boy band in my heart other than Bigbang.

And then I started to browse every little thing about you, oppa. Any information and everything I found about you just made my love for you deepen.

I love your heavenly voice (off course!). I love your eyes, the way they smile when you are smiling, the look in your eyes just sincere and honest. I love your attitude and your effortless humour, its just so natural. I don’t know, everything I saw from you its just so natural. You are such a warm guy, it reflects on the way you treat people and your sincere heart. Your sensitivity with things around you and how you respond to them… well, you are great.

For your information, I watched all episodes of your Family Outing just because I want to see you. My tiredness like fade away every time I watched that.

And then, I love your spirit. I watched (or read) your interview about how you finally got to your position right now. How you catch your dream. Your hard work, your never ending willingness to learn and your perseverance. The most important thing is that despite everything you’ve been through, you are still being you. That’s just the way you inspire me.

I may not know what kind of person you are behind all the spotlights, I may not know the true you, but I always believe in you.

I still have this, your interview some time in 2010, when you talked about your ideal woman.

Haha, I don’t even expect to be your ideal woman, but to read that, it burns my spirit up to be better day after day. I want to inspire you if may be we have the chance to actually meet and sit together (I wrote that as my life goal, btw). I want to tell you how much I learn from you and how much you inspire me to be the future success me. I want you to notice me because of my credibility, someday.

Please, don’t change and keep working. Because you are my ultimate moodbooster and inspiration, and thank you for being those.

Daesung oppa, I definitely will find a way for you to read this because I write with all my heart and I’m sure it can be your consolation in the middle of the preparation of the MADE final concert in Seoul.

I hope the concert will be a huge success. I hope your career will be brighter and brighter every single day. I hope things will be get in your way no matter what it is. I always hope you to have a happy life and keep doing your beautiful music.

Kang Daesung oppa, I still hope someday we can actually meet.

Please come to Indonesia if you have the chance.


Your forever adorer 

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