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02 February 2016

My 5 Mood Boosters from LAZADA

Lately, my job, my projects and my final essay sure taking me in to the restless kind of life. I don’t have time to take some trips either with family or friends even on holidays, even I don’t have time for myself. Oh God, these things really burns me out. 

But the good news is: I am a girl. 

What is so good of being a girl? 

To boost up the mood of a girl is practically not that hard. Just give her the chance to sneak peak to some shops and let her to pick her favorite stuff and voila! the dark mood will soon disappear. Its instant and effective. Hehehe 

Thanks God there is LAZADA in this world!

Its 2016 and you are positively living in the jungle if you don’t know LAZADA, the coolest online shopping e-commerce with VERY MUCH products offered. When I said ‘very much’, I mean everything! And I’m not joking. You can found home appliances, watches, computers & laptops, toys, games, fashion items and many more. And you can get anything you want without set your foot to anywhere but your current place. 

For me, the-have-no-time-for-shopping-around-girl, this is literally the heaven on hands. I can do my window shopping activity without making any special time to go out. I can boost my mood up at times that are usually discarded as useless like while waiting in line, waiting for class to begin, waiting for the order in a restaurant, or on my insomnia nights. 

And these are more reasons why I choose LAZADA as my favorite ol-shop

1. TOO MUCH discounts to handle!

Discounts are my favorite weakness ever! Please tell me, where the heck is the girl who does not weak against a discount? Even it makes you poor in the end of the month, but the satisfaction of getting your favorite stuff at low price is no joke! 
And LAZADA gives you the pleasure, its here and there all over the web! Woohooo! 


There are still so many people who afraid to do online shopping, but with LAZADA you can't be worry anymore. The privileges of shopping with LAZADA are clearly explained on the web and thats super easy, save and trusted.

Talking about LAZADA, I want to share my latest window shopping result. Let me take you to my imagination world, where money is not an issue, so that I can buy whatever I want.

Because we are already in that imagination world, I will show you my shopping wish list, yes, 5 things I want to buy at LAZADA. 5 things that boost my mood up even if just looking at it and imagine how those things will solve my problems. 

1. Kokakaa Waxvac Ear Cleaner

Back in 2015, I went to the aurist (medical term for doctor specialist in ears) like numerous times just to clean up my ears because I have problems to clean it myself. I don't know, its just hard for me. I tried with cottonbut but the earwax went deeper. Well, I just don't have the talent for cleaning ears. When I saw this product for the first time, I know right from the start that it will be my life (and my purse) savior. Beside the product has good reviews from the past buyer, its waaaaayyy cheaper than go to the aurist. Well, I can't wait to have it!

2. Pet Waste Pooper Scooper Cleaner

This one is another solution for my life, mmm.... actually my pet life. I have a super cute persian cat named Milo. I love her so much that I like to bring the cat to travel. But for all this time, her poop has always been the problem. But with this product, I'm sure that it wont be any trouble anymore. We can have fun together anywhere. 

Milo will be happy and I will be happier!

3.  Panasonic 22" Full HD LED TV Model TH-225C305G

I am addicted to any kind of asian dramas and tv series. I always watch those when going to bed with my notebook. It relaxing everytime I watched it in the end of the day, I believe the handsomeness of the actor will make my dream beautiful. Hehehe.

And with this product, I believe that it will make my quality time with myself more fun and exciting because the charms of the actor will increase. It has better screen quality than my notebook's screen. A looot better. And it has connection to HDMI and USB too! Wow!

Well, I can't wait my dream at night changes from beautiful in to wonderful. 

4. Samsung Camera WB-35F WiFi

I love taking pictures, NO! I love someone to take a picture for me, a good one. Well, who doesn't? 

Yes, that is the problem. I always need a good picture to be posted on my social media but I don't really like photography things so yeah, my DSLR Camera just lying untouched because for me its hard and heavy, yes, its too big to put in my sling bag. 

So, this pocket camera will be solution. The size is smaller than the DSLR Camera and the resolution is way better than my phone camera. Plus, it can be connected to wi-fi, so it will be easier for me to keep in touch with my social media.

Check what photographer Ben Shaul said about this product!

5. Marvel 3D Light FX 3D Deco Light Thor Hammer Original License Marvel

That was literally my first reaction when I saw this. Other than I AM SO MUCH IN LOVE WITH THOR, I don't have any explanation why I want this to be mine. 

Oh My God LAZADA I don't know how does you have this kind of thing in your catalog? You made me super speechless. I just want thissss!


Ok. That's that, a little escape from hectic world that boost my mood up. Very convenient, fun and addicting. If you want to experience how this heaven on hands works for you, you can just simply click .

Well girls, have fun!

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