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21 March 2016

I'm Feeling Twenty-Two

March 21, 2016 0 Comments
Its 21st of March and I just having my time to tell you my story about turning 22. Hehe kinda lame, right?

I had a long list of plan to eat free meals on my birthday. Alone. Well some restaurants are so kind to make promotion like that, especially for someone like me who love to eat so much. That kind of promotion really can make someone day but it just work for the birthday one, that was why I planed a-lovely-but-lonely-birthday-party.

But it was leave just as a plan. My lovely friends blew it up by being so sweet to me.

For the D-day, I was enjoying my birthday in a mature way. Eating my breakfast with Aufar and Laras, my college pals, just because I want the free meals so bad. Smiling so bad as we finish our breakfast before we went to the campus to continue our thesis.

And then these two came out, Amel and Novi, giving me a present and cake in the most mature way possible. But I laughed so hard. The way they give me the care, that was just 'the-one-and-only'. And then we went to lunch. Chit-chatting like we never out of stories.

When the day turns in to night, I had dinner with my sister and dad. It was really special one because my dad lets me choose anything I want to eat. Wahaha He dug his own grave, like seriously :P

That day was ended with my ultimate best, Astri, came to my house and gave me bunch of foods. I was laughing so hard while opening the very magnificent wrap. 

The most surprising moment of that day was I got many phone calls from my long lost friends, that were really really unexpected because I never-ever-ever though that they would do it for me, wishing me happy birthday and pray for my happiness. That was seriously precious.

Day changes and I got another surprise from my KKN Sabang mates. They came to my campus and made every eyes in the hall looking at me. I was a bit shy because I'm no longer 'belongs' to the hall area just simply cause I'm 'angkatan tua'

And for the night, I had dinner with my 'Dendang Lawasan' mates. It was me and my friends that have similar taste of music going out together as karaoke mates. And yeah, after the dinner we rocked the night with our voice. The 3rd of March was the loudest yet lively day of the series.

The next day, I got another surprise from my FEB Cantik girls. They came to me when I had lunch and suddenly they appear and Jamrud's Selamat Ulang Tahun song played all over the restaurant.

And after that, I took my KKN Sabang mates to eat dinner together. The girls putting nail polishes in their nails and the boys throwing jokes, that really made my day.

And my special junior-high-school-moodbooster came to Jogja! She really was precious, my one and only Qolli, giving me a nice chit-chatting time about anything as we miss each other so bad. Her presence was really my present.

And then, here we come to the ultimate surprise from my super besties, SGRM. 

Yeah, after making me super confuse with the drama they made, they threw me a purple birthday party. And believe me, it was really sweet. They dressed up in white while they told me to wear purple and everything's there was purple with balloons, flowers, cake, and present.

It was real special.

I got lots of phone calls, texts, chats, presents, greetings, and the most important part was the prays. I never thought that words they told me, even in the simplest way, means a lot to me. How precious to accept that kind of attention. The fact that the thought of me crossed in some people's head and they were making their effort to tell me they remember me by saying anything about me or my birthday to me..... that was really sweet and touching. 

Well, I never thought that me being 22 will be as special as what was happened. I thought it wasn't the time to exaggerating birthday anymore as I'm getting older. But yeah I am very thankful of what has happened, because I know, that the love I have is nothing going less as I take my new breath every day.

Thank you, people. 

Thank you, God :)