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19 December 2017

[Throwback] Hi, Istanbul!

Hola, blog!

There are so many things you missed about my life since I left you. And here I am, done with all the deadlines, having time before year end events, and ready to make it up to you. 

Ok, in this very posting I'm gonna tell you one of my best moment in this year. Its when my family and I had the opportunity to take days off and flown to Istanbul, Turkey.

We landed there on April 25th 2017. They said to me that it was spring, so lucky me, I could see Tulips wherever I strolled. I even attended tulips festival.It was beyond beautiful! I was so happy, because I've never seen tulips before. I couldn't stop myself from taking photos, but the photos turned out bad, so I wont share it. I will just keep the memories for myself :)

It was windy and I was freezing. Though there were sun shining so brightly yet I couldn't stop myself suffering from cold. For your information, I had a really bad sore throat at that time and I couldn't let my fussy mouth speak. At all. 

The fact that I couldn't produce even a single voice really frustrated me. The most frustrating point of having no voice was when I went to the market and really need to bargain things. My mental never allowed me to buy things, especially at the market, without bargaining. Ehehe 😁😁

I am sure you guys don't wanna read all of my bla-bla-blah about me strolled around the city. (To be honest, I'm quite forgot what had happened. It was April, guys!). So the rest of the post I let my not-so-good-pictures speak to you.

 The houses are all cute :3

The sun narrowed my eyes

Me, Hagia Sophia and my oily skin 😤


Nuruosmaniye Mosque. 
Namanya mirip sama nama akuh. Ada nur-nur nya 😁


Blue Mosque and Blue Sky
And the blue me. My period didn't allow me to enter one of the world iconic mosque.

I tell you Istanbul was great. Delicious meals, beautiful city, and good looking people (I fell in love every single times!). I was grateful, even now, to have a chance to be there. Especially with my lovely family. If maybe in the future I have time and money, I would really love to explore more in that beautiful country. 

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