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Who Is Luthfinta Sudar?

She is me, the owner of this sanctuary of mind. I fell in love with words since the day I was born. My shrill voice and fussy endowment drift my parents crazy when they brought me up, because I didn't stop talking (and crying :p).

Basically I like to write since I was an elementary student. I made poems, stories and I never got to bed before I finished my diary. I made this blog on February 21st 2009 to completed a task for IT subject on my junior high days. That was when my old self realized that blogging was actually a virtual diary, another medium to express my self by words and suddenly got captivated. With that purpose, I continue to go with this blog.

My pleasure to have you, my blog readers, to witness my journey growing up to become an adult from a junior high student. Glad for having you to peek on the maze of words I made.

Last but not least, here I present you, the spun of sentences of mine, The Luthfinta Sudar's Stories :)

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